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“I’m rather choosy when it comes to martial arts instruction.  For me, the martial arts are first and foremost about personal development and I’ve spent several years searching for a school that was the right fit.  Sadly, there are also a lot of hucksters within the martial arts community so I was also looking for a traditional school with a documented and verifiable lineage.” – T.M.

“The karate program is outstanding for children and adults alike. I love that it’s something we can do together as a family.   I also take part in many of the fitness classes available. Fitness4Life is unlike any other gym I have ever been too. There is a family atmosphere where people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels can come together and work towards a similar goal of being healthy.  The workouts are challenging but always with an element of fun no matter what your fitness level. Come check out a class and see what I mean.” – L.B.

“Happily, I’ve found what I was looking for in Fitness4Life’s karate class.  They teach the Matsubayashi system of Shorin Ryu karate which is a traditional Okinawan martial art and the progenitor of Japanese styles such as Shotokan and its derivatives.  The instructors and my fellow students have been warm, inviting and patient.  Sensei George maintains just the right balance of discipline and levity.  Ego is checked at the door.  I recommend them to anyone who is looking for personal development or self defense within the context of a traditional Okinawan martial art.” – S.L.

“This is a really great workout center!  You receive personalized attention in a group or one on one atmosphere.  Fitness and karate classes are fun and you get to know a lot of great people.  The instructor, George, is really personable and makes the workouts challenging and fun! The style of karate practiced and the instruction given is very fulfilling.  I highly recommend the fitness classes, personal training, and the karate!” – D.P.